Luxury Is Not Driving To Office

Home Pick & Drop Everyday in Chauffeur Driven AC cabs.

Shared Cab - Stress Free & Convinient

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6 Reasons For Loving Us !

Shared Cab - Stress Free & Convinient

Stress Free & Convinient

UrbanDrive provides Home Pickup and Drop in Shared AC Cabs. No more stressful driving in peak hour traffic or travelling in crowded buses.
Shared Cab - Cost Effective

Cost Effective.

You get to reach office at one third the price of a regular taxi. UrbanDrive costs less than taking an auto or driving your own car.
Shared Cab - Guaranteed & Reliable

Guaranteed & Reliable.

UrbanDrive is professionally managed unlike carpooling. So you get uninterrupted service 22 days a month.
Shared Cab - Smart


Easy to use online platform to manage your subscription and routes. Our smart app is coming soon to help you track cabs at real time.
Shared Cab - Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

UrbanDrive does full verification of drivers and vendors. UrbanDrive does professional verifications for co passengers.
Shared Cab - Go Green & Reduce Traffic

Go Green / Reduce Traffic.

Be a Bangalorean! Make Bangalore cleaner and greener. Lets have one cab for every 4 cars on the road.

Give More Time To Your Yourself.

Reach Home Fresh Everyday.

Choose what you want to do in your commuting hours.

Read books, listen to music, socialise with co passengers or take a short nap.

Shared Cab - Read Books
Shared Cab - Socialize
Shared Cab - Work
Shared Cab - Sleep

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